About Us!

Group in front of their caught fishYes Bay Lodge has been owned by the Hack Family since 1977 when Art and Marlys Hack purchased the property and building and transformed it into one of the first Premier Fishing Lodge’s in SE Alaska. The Lodge was operated by Art and Marlys for many years until their sons Bill and Kevin took over the operation. Bill ran the Lodge from 1996 to 2005, while his brother Kevin focused his efforts in town running the air operation Promech. In 2005, Kevin and his family took over the Lodge operation, and the Hack family tradition continues to this day.

There are a few things that set Yes Bay apart from the other Alaska fishing lodges.

  • A true “Family” atmosphere: Unlike many fishing lodges, Yes Bay is a friendly, family-style lodge where you are more like guests in a private home rather than a guest in a large, cold hotel. Kids are welcome at Yes Bay and will surely enjoy the Yes Bay experience.
  • Yes Bay is the only lodge in the SE that fishes 2-4 anglers per private boat with the personal attention that Yes Bay sets the standard for.
  • Location: Yes Bay is located in one of the most abundant fishing grounds in Alaska. Our inland waters offer the protection from rough seas, so the fishing is comfortable in even the worst weather that Alaska can provide. It is a rare day when it is too rough to go fish!
  • The Yes Bay Dining Experience must be enjoyed to understand how wonderful it really is.
  • The View: If you had all of Alaska to choose from, you would have a hard time finding a more ideal location for a fishing Lodge.

Frequently Asked QuestionsGroup in front of their many caught fish

Listed below are our most frequently asked questions!

Feel free to drop us an email if your question is not listed below.

Where and when should we fly in to Alaska?

You should arrange your flights on Alaska Airlines into Ketchikan, typically through Seattle. We recommend that you plan your arrival and departure flights for midday, with as much flexibility as possible. This will allow you to easily connect with your transport to the lodge. Departure flights from Ketchikan to Seattle begin with the morning 9 a.m. flight, which works well for most of the season.

NOTE: In September, you will need to take a later flight from Ketchikan, as there is not enough daylight for a 6 a.m. departure from the lodge on our floatplane, and weather can often be a hinderance, as well.

When will I start fishing?

Fishing will start the following day after your arrival – see Typical Day!

Is there cell phone service and internet at the lodge?

There is NO cell phone service at the Lodge. There is service in town and at the airport in Ketchikan.

Yes Bay Lodge offers complementary Wi-Fi for the convenience of our guests; however, it is extremely limited and delicate. It does not support uploading, downloading, video streaming or video calling/conferencing of any kind. It is fine for email and web browsing. Our internet access is via satellite and can sometimes be affected by the weather.

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable clothing for temperatures ranging from 50° to 75°F. Use of rain gear and rubber boots are included in our package price. Personal items to consider bringing that are not available at the lodge are: camera and film, sunglasses, any tobacco products, and small day bag for on the boat.

Here is a more comprehensive list that may provide more guidance.Group in front of their two caught fish

Suggested Clothing Items

  • Light-to-medium waterproof/water-resistant jacket
  • At least one sweatshirt, sweater or vest (wool or fleece)
  • Mix of long- and short-sleeved shirts for variety and layering
  • Jeans or casual pants
  • Thermal or fleece bottoms (especially cooler months)
  • Wool or thermal socks
  • Fishing hat (or beanie during cooler months)
  • Comfortable tennis shoes or boat shoes for around the lodge

Personal Items and Accessories

  • Sunglasses (polarized for spotting fish)
  • Reusable water bottle or thermos
  • Phone/camera, charger/batteries and memory sticks
  • Backpack or dry bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Tobacco products
  • Personal medications
  • Toiletries

You should pack fairly light in one suitcase per person so you have the second piece of luggage for taking your fish home.

How do I get my fish home?

Your fish are cleaned when you return to the dock every day, then vacuum packed and flash frozen. The night before your departure, your fish are packed in an airline-approved 48-pound wet-lock box labeled with your name and address and ready for you to check in at the airport with your luggage. Most airlines allow 2 bags per person, so if you have one for luggage, the second can be for your fish box. Additional boxes will be charged as additional luggage.

You can also arrange at the lodge to have your fish shipped home. We use Federal Express, and it is an overnight delivery. There is an additional charge for this, which can be quoted when you check out. 

What is included and what are my extra costs?

Our package price includes all meals, lodge accommodations, round-trip transportation from Ketchikan to the lodge, fully guided saltwater fishing, bait/tackle, use of rain gear/boots, and professionally processed and packaged fish for travel home as checked luggage. Not included is tax, fishing license, gratuities, and store/bar purchases. 

What about Gratuities?Group in front of their eight caught fish

We feel strongly that Gratuities are a personal item and should be at the discretion of our guests. Feel free to ask our office staff for guidelines, or simply go with the industry standard of about 15-18 percent of the package price. Most of our staff are seasonal, relying on their exceptional customer service skills to earn their pay, and gratuities are a portion of their income.

What currency do you accept?

Contrary to popular belief, you are not falling off the end of the world. Alaska is a world apart from most places; however, we do accept US Currency, and just about any form of payment you typically use at home in The Lower 48 will be acceptable at the lodge. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Cash or Check. We cannot accept AMEX/Discover.